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Full Mouth Reconstruction - Charlotte

Prosthodontic Replacement Makeover Dentistry

Before Treatment Photo Full Mouth Rehabilitation Charlotte Meet Judith, a thirty something patient. When she presented in our office, she had some serious functional and cosmetic problems with her teeth.

She had a history of previous treatments for tooth loss, but unfortunately was treated with porcelain products that were not of hybrid quality.

Periodontal disease was rampant, causing significant exposure of root structures as well as considerable gum recession. Severe gingivitis was evident on both the maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw) that required treatment prior to reconstructive treatments.

Over the years her oral health had just collapsed. Negative earlier dental experiences along with ebarrassment kept her from seeing a dentist.

Judith was at the point where she was not comfortable in public. She avoided family gatherings, parties, shopping, even going to see her children's teachers.

Before Treatment Photo Full Mouth Rehabilitation Charlotte Her goal was to get done what needed to be done. The consequences of avoiding treatment for too long had already begun to take it's toll on her overall physical appearance and her self confidence.

Makeover Goals Simplified

Judith's goal was to restore her oral health and to be able to smile again without covering her mouth. She wanted normal dental function again and wanted teeth she wouldn't be embarrassed to show off.

To overcome the patient's strong history of dental anxiety and avoidance behaviors, our doctors provided different combinations of sedation medications. The prescribed medications not only made treatment easily managable for her, but also enabled her to complete several procedures without numerous appointments. The entire treatment was completed in only two office visits.

Comprehensive Full Mouth Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

Before Treatment Photo Full Mouth Rehabilitation Charlotte Judith's case was fairly comprehensive and required a long surgical procedure, but she had very little post operative discomfort. Extractions were performed as needed to prepare the tissues for prosthodontic treatments.

A Waterlase dental laser was used to reshape and recontour soft tissue areas that restored the best overall tissue health.

Diagnostic Wax Up Modeling

Extensive use of an articulator and diagnostic wax up modeling enabled our doctors to reestablish normalized bite and occlusal relationships necessary for the shape, size and individual characteristics of Judith's jaw structures and her new smile.

Before Treatment Photo Full Mouth Rehabilitation Charlotte Simultaneous with the technical aspects of advanced prosthodontics, our patient was able to provide her own input as to how she wanted the teeth to appear and feel, in terms of tooth sizing, shape, texture and coloration. Most importantly, she wanted her new teeth to look natural and to fit her face.

Makeover Impact

The patient was very happy about the outcome of her treatment. All of the characteristics she wanted in her new smile were achieved. The impact of the reconstructive dental procedures were dramatic and will continue to impact Judith for years to come.

The last post operative treatment photo readily shows how Judith has changed her entire appearance, reflecting levels of confidence and self esteem she probably had missed for a long time

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