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Extreme Makeovers in Charlotte Cosmetic Dentistry

Meet Pam again ....she was tired of looking years older than she was. Early childhood experiences with certain unsuccessful dental treatments eventually developed into avoidance of dental care in later years.

Extreme Makeover Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte NC This mild anxiety, which is experienced by many people, kept her from obtaining the routine care she knew that was needed.

Now a young Charlotte business owner, she knew her smile was a detriment to her career. Pam knew the importance of lasting impressions and decided it was time to do something about it.

Comfortable Dentistry

Pam wanted to be as comfortable as possible during the procedures and chose sedation that provided the added benefit of having longer appointments.

Our Charlotte Dental Spa environment provided an additional degree of relaxation that was quite appealing for Pam.

Utilizing Waterlase technology that further promotes painless treatment, a “gum lift” was done with the Biolase hard/soft tissue Laser. A proven technology, the Biolase Laser enables us to artisticly reshape and contour gum tissue, with maximum comfort, on each and every tooth, producing a truly "balanced smile".

To obtain the degree of "perfection" the patient was seeking, she elected to have 12 all-porcelain Cercon Crowns placed and combined with bridgework.

The dramatic results can be observed in the pictures. Pam was quite taken back by how different she looked. She could not believe how much younger her smile makeover made her look.

Patient Comments

When called the following day after her new smile was placed, she exclaimed ... “I just can’t stop smiling…I’m so happy!”.

Complex Reconstruction Photo Charlotte

Complex Reconstructive Procedures

Here's Brenda... as the leftmost photo shows... Brenda had very complex dental problems that accumulated through years of the "time honored tradition"... of benign avoidance of visiting her dentist.

Compounding these dental problems were certain emotional factors: her embarrasment and reluctance to smile. At times she even felt uncomfortable being in public. She preferred being a homebody ... and chose not to work.

Flexible Treatment Plans

When Brenda first came to our office she expressed a strong interest in getting the things done that needed to be done, once and for all. She had her choice of customized treatment plans that would help her successfully overcome the ever present "uneasiness" about dentistry and to address certain budgetary concerns. Financial arrangements were made to assure Brenda that she would have access to the dental procedures needed for creating the cosmetic outcome she was seeking.

As can be seen in the after photo.... the creative use of prosthodontic procedures and appliances resulted in a amazing makeover result. Within just a few months Brenda underwent a very unusual transformation. She secured full time employment where she is required to interact with people all day and has become a now confident, outgoing person. The magic of makeover dentistry...

Contact Dr. Yaste and Dr. Hufanda today to arrange a private consultation for getting started on your makeover. You will learn how various combinations of our dental procedures, treatment plans and financial resources can be provided for obtaining the degree of makeover you are seeking.

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