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Bulimia Reconstructive Dentistry - Charlotte

Dental Enamel Replacement Porcelain

Before Treatment Photo Bulimia Charlotte People who suffer from eating disorders like bulimia, or people with other digestive problems such as acid reflux disease or "GERD", often lose the protective layer of enamel on the back part of their teeth.

The destructive properties of potent digestive acids make the teeth much weaker and prone to breaking and chipping. It can also cause tooth sensitivity to temperature and different types of food.

When the outside layer of enamel is gone, the inside layer of the tooth (dentin) is exposed. Dentin is much less dense and vulnerable to cavities, staining, sensitivity, and breakage.

Before Treatment Maxilla Charlotte Bulimic Pictures

Bulimic Acceleration of Normal Wear and Tear

The adjacent pre-treatment photos show how normal wear and tear on biting surfaces become accelerated for bulimic patients. Nearly all of the teeth are worn down siginficantly.

The second picture is a mirrored view of the maxilla (upper jaw) that readily indicates exposed dentin. The yellowish areas on the backsides of each tooth represent exposed dentin.

The next, third photo is a mirrored view of the mandible (lower jaw arch), showing more of the same ravages to the tooth enamel. The tooth structures in both pictures with no yellowing or indication of exposed dentin are existing porcelain crowns.

Before Treatment Maxilla Charlotte Bulimic Pictures Our patient, Jennifer, was scared and had forgotten how to smile. She had some very uncomfortable experiences in the past at the dentist. Jennifer knew that she had these issues with her teeth.

She had been bulimic for several years when she was much younger. It was during this period that she had lost much of the protective enamel or outer covering of her teeth.

Cosmetic - Functional Reconstruction

Post operative Treatment Maxilla Charlotte Bulimic Pictures Jennifer's goal was to address the damage caused by her years and years of purging and to also recreate a smile and dental function with teeth that were proportionally sized to her smile and jaw structure.

She felt her present tooth size didn't have a mature appearance.

The entire upper arch was treated. Authentic and Empress Brand porcelain products were used to change the size of her teeth so they would proportionally fit her face and smile characteristics.

Post operative Treatment Maxilla Charlotte Bulimic Pictures The fourth photo in our treatment series demonstrates the dramatic results of recreating the handiwork of Mother Nature with the creative use of feldspathic porcelain.

The adacent photo represents the mirror view outcome of reconstructing the lower (mandibular) arch.

All biting surfaces have been reconstructed, providing the client with normal bite and occusal relationships she hadn't had for quite awhile. The premium grade of porcelain materials will assure optimal function and aesthetic appearance for years and years to come.

Post operative Treatment Maxilla Charlotte Bulimic Pictures

Attention to Detail - The Final Touch

All of the gingival tissues (gum tissue for each tooth) were treated as needed with the Waterlase soft tissue laser, to recontour and reshape the patient's gums to produce a natural feeling and appearance.

The result produced a near perfect harmony between the shape and size of each tooth.

Creating new gum contours eliminates the problem of having the gummy smile appearance that can occur in complex rehabilitation treatment plans. The renowned Waterlase dental instruments give our doctors the degree of precision and control needed to produce the final cosmetic result defined by our patients.

Post operative Treatment Maxilla Charlotte Bulimic Pictures

Successful Makeover Experience

Jennifer was quite pleased with the outcome of treatment.

While the reconstructive makeover treatments are immediately evident, Jennifer has aquired a degree of makeover experience that will contine to affect her confidence and self esteem for a long time to come.

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